Elizabeth “Betty” Johnson is actually Stan’s mother and port Black’s ex-wife.

Elizabeth “Betty” Johnson is actually Stan’s mother and port Black’s ex-wife.

She possesses had several men after the hubby Jack lead the family, nonetheless they happened to be all kidnapped and taken up an area by Stan who had been scared they might just about all hurt them just like his own dad did. Betty marries Hercules in “Oedipal underwear” who was practically kidnapped by Stan. Once Francine are telling Roger about Stan’s childhood they have a flashback of their dad Jack leaving him along with his mom Betty. She falls in deep love with, and later marries, a Greek slaughter named Hercules.

Stan pertains to his or her mummy as “beautiful and hot” in “a Grey within the give” when he offers to assist fill-in Steve’s sex-related knowledge.

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Michelle produces Stan on a journey to a history to see his families in “a xmas facts Never”.

Stan admits burn out his or her father or mother’s summer room once denied a cupcake in “it’s hard to Stan we”.

Stan admits having his own mother as a pops body arranged him or her in “spot custody of the children”. Roger also tries to assume Betty’s maiden brand when wanting keep track of Stan through his own debit card, but may just think of some thing Italian like “frappuccino.”

Hercules and Betty Summers can be found in the viewers in “Phantom from the Telethon”.

Roger say Stan to contact his woman for being liable for them dying in “Weiner in our Discontent”. She furthermore cheers on container Bates at FedExField in “father Queerest”.

Stan mentions taking over their mother’s 401K on his 14th christmas in “Boyfriend when you look at the Moonbounce”.

She seems at pizza pie Overlord as a result of Stan and Francine’s vow revewal in “Shallow Vows”.

Stan covers his mom and dad split with Steve while posing as a bully in “Bully for Steve”.

In “Stan’s very best Friend”, after Stan’s dad Jack leftover, she tricked Stan into harming his own canine Freddy.

She sounds once again in a flashback in “Stan’s delicacies cafe” after port departs the household.

Hercules expires in “North american Stepdad” and she reveals to Stan and Francine which funeral enjoys placed the woman broke. The two allow the in the future cope with these people and end Roger out from the attic to help make place on her. However when Stan happens property afterwards, he locates that Jeff Fischer is transferring Roger’s stuff straight back upstairs so he and Betty display they obtained partnered under Roger’s persona of Tom Yabo. In the beginning, Stan feels that Roger is only looking to get back in his loft, but they bond like Betty and Roger take a look at Niagara slips for a honeymoon. Stan sees data that suggests that Roger plans of destroying his own mama, nevertheless when the guy arrives at the slips to end him or her Betty reveals that this bird planned on eliminating Roger when it comes to coverage. When this gal tries to force Roger during the lies, both of them slip and Stan holds both but is struggle to rescue the two. In order to manage his own union with Stan, Roger sacrifices himself but turns up respected a trip team with the falls. Betty transfers to Paris, France on Tom Yabo’s coverage it is dissatisfied when this dish prevents in a theater observe refrain as well angry 7 only to discover she overlooked most gay sexual intercourse clips.

Betty in addition seems in the ensemble of “blood stream Crieth Unto Heaven” so when an unknown background identity in “Roger Passes the Bar”. Roger claims the girl napping with a gardener for two weeks in “At this point and Gwen”.

She actually is one of the savage survivors in “each Hundred”.

As soon as Jack’s soul teases Stan for sporting restricted pants in “Ghost Dad”, according to him the man got his own mother’s knob.

Steve attempts to make kids forest that also includes Betty in “The Old state”.

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