Characters / Wotakoi: enjoy is tough for Otaku.Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.

Characters / Wotakoi: enjoy is tough for Otaku.Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.

Characters being in Wotakoi: fancy is tough for Otaku. Avoid possible spoilers.

The heroine, whoever decide to hide the girl otaku welfare from her newer officemates backfired quickly when her youth pal Hirotaka outs their. They later begin online dating. She actually is a fujoshi exactly who furthermore wants otome video games and idols, and she produces and attracts doujinshi both as a spare time activity and create cash on the side at Comiket.

  • A-Cup Anxiety: Hanako is actually stacked. Narumi just isn’t (as an omake web page desires remind your). Hirotaka loves to talk about Narumi’s diminished possessions, a Berserk option for her that causes their to throttle and swear at him. She even will get envious for the busty figurines on Hirotaka’s rack, turning these to face the wall. One example from a couple of replies to fan tips possess their obliterating a table filled with requires she develop breasts using one fist.
  • Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Narumi definitely wants men—she’s presently dating Hirotaka, features best had boyfriends in past times, and is also a Yaoi Fangirl—but there are other than a couple of indications that she finds Hanako appealing, including just how she typically independently notes to herself how big Hanako’s boobs were and just how she virtually drools over Hanako’s Hot Witch avatar during the RPG they play. She in addition occasionally covers having “waifus” (a phrase typically employed for fictional female figures), but it is never ever made clear what the sexes of the woman “waifus” tend to be.
  • Youth pals: She and Hirotaka were elementary and middle school friends. If they reconnect, it gets a Childhood buddy Romance.
  • Clingy Jealous lady: Downplayed; but Narumi never ever takes it better whenever she more hears other girls phone Hirotaka appealing. She and Kabakura additionally angrily take down Hirotaka and Hanako’s fooling suggestion of switching couples.
  • Cabinet Geek: ahead of the beginning of the tale, she hid this lady otaku interests from we she know and intended to carry out the exact same at this lady new task, specifically since the woman past sweetheart dumped their after learning she is an otaku. Hirotaka outs the lady quickly, however, and she later remarks how wonderful its to be able to share their geeky hobbies together with the other biggest figures.
  • Color-Coded Figures: Pink. It’s the lady hair colors and it also has within her clothes.
  • Sweet Clumsy female: She goofs up loads whenever first starting the girl latest job, eg making countless terrible duplicates, but she actually is not less adorable for this.
  • Girly Lady with a Tomboy move: She wears most green, enjoys attractive circumstances and also for the many component is quite girly, but she has a tendency to slip into harsher, a lot more masculine message whenever she’s mad and is equally fond of shonen manga as the woman is of BL and otome video games. This is most readily useful exemplified by the lady MMORPG fictional character, that is an elf girl wear frilly pink apparel; Kabakura thinks she ought to be a summoner, but she is actually an assassin since she loves creating high assault and speeds stats.
  • Has a kind: reference that large, scary-looking men like Kabakura usually are much more her kind, but she becomes with Hirotaka, who isn’t such as that anyway.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother: While the woman isn’t about Naoya, she actually is nonetheless extremely protective of him. When she think anybody produced your weep, she was actually willing to inflict some discomfort.
  • Oblivious to enjoy: Her account reports that despite the reality she’s had countless dating knowledge, she’s oblivious each time some one is during fancy together. In reality, the underlying theme of the girl and Hirotaka’s story are exactly how she is starting to be more aware she actually is starting to grab him a lot more honestly as an enchanting spouse, and yet still hasn’t totally understood simply how much Hirotaka certainly really likes her.
  • Pink Means Feminine: she’s got pinkish hair and gowns in the colors, matching with being the perky, friendly, girly protagonist.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: type and friendly, if a bit harsh, with peach-colored locks.
  • So what does She discover in Him?: Inverted because Hirotaka was the lady nerdy childhood friend and it isn’t conventionally attractive, Narumi features a habit of underestimating how frequently some other women may find your attractive. Hanako actually exasperatedly says to her that he is capture.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: wants BL and can make money on along side it writing and drawing doujins. She explicitly refers to herself as a fujoshi over and over again.
  • You Gotta Have Actually Blue Locks: Has Actually red hair. Childhood flashbacks program it’s the lady all-natural colors.

Narumi’s youth pal and new coworker, whom turns out to be her boyfriend after a couple of after-work drinking meeting. Hirotaka is a stoic video game otaku; unlike the woman, he does not bother concealing their craft.

  • Archer Archetype: when you look at the MMORPG the cast performs, Hirotaka’s personality was a cool-headed, high-leveled archer befitting their identity. Scenes where he’s playing Monster Hunter in both the anime additionally the live-action movie showcase your making use of the Wepwawet Bow as their gun of choice too.
  • Appealing Bent-Gender: It seems that makes for a pretty woman when persuaded to cosplay.
  • Birds of a Feather: With Kou, whom he satisfy and instantly enjoys considering their are quiet, nerdy, and an experienced player like your. This is certainly pointed out by Narumi to be unusual for Hirotaka, as he doesn’t often look closely at group or remember their own names.
  • Buxom is most effective: A believer within; their bishoujo figurines are typical particularly busty, a lot to Narumi’s chagrin.
  • Color-Coded Characters: azure; his hair and eye color including their garments are all bluish.

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